In partnership with DNP, MACtac recently announced it has received BS 5609 Section 2 and Section 3 label certification for its FCD6914 2-mil white PET when printed with DNP R300 Black Resin and DNP R510 Red Resin Ribbon. 

“We want to continue to provide our customers with a portfolio of solutions that can confidently meet recognized standards for durability and environmental resistance,” said Kim Hensley, product manager for the MACtac Performance Adhesives Group. “Through a joint effort, it’s easy to address the requirements of BS 5609 knowing the full solution, including the label base material, pressure-sensitive adhesive and thermal printing, all together pass the standard.”

BS 5609 label certification is a specification for the durability of labels on chemical containers when being transported by merchant shipping. The labels and markings on containers shipped or stored in these marine environments must meet standards for adhesion, resistance to abrasion and print permanence. Although BS 5609 is comprised of four parts, Sections 2 and 3 are key. Section 2 details the tests to be carried out on the blank pressure-sensitive, adhesive-coated base material, and Section 3 deals with the printed label.

Base labels must meet the requirements of Section 2 in order to meet the print method requirements in Section 3. Tests of the print method determine label fitness based on various durability criteria, such as exposing the label to artificial weathering (e.g., salt spray and sunlight), tape removal, and interaction with a mixture of sand and artificial sea water to ensure minimum standards for label usage in marine environments are being met.

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