Storage vessels from this company are custom-built to meet specifications for pressure, temperature, material of construction, cover design, discharge assembly and ROSS: Storage Vesselsaccess ports. For example, the pictured carbon steel vessel has a capacity of 9,750 gal and is ASME-stamped for 50-psig internal pressure to full vacuum at 200oF.

The elliptical-style top and bottom heads include various size flanges and couplings at customer-specified locations. Internal surfaces were reportedly cleaned, dried and media blasted; exterior surfaces were also media blasted and coated with red oxide primer. Prior to shipment, the nozzles were capped and the tank purged with 2 psig of nitrogen, so as to arrive at the customer’s jobsite in a clean, rust-free condition. Lifting lugs and acaged removable ladder and handrail with toe plate were also provided.

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