This company’s latest adhesive technology that will be featured on MACtac’s squeezable films and polypropylene products. MACtac MP880 adhesive is a clear, MACTACÃ?® PERFORMANCE ADHESIVES GROUP Packaging Adhesivepermanent acrylic with excellent tack and ultimate adhesion for film labeling applications of health, beauty, food, beverage and household cleaner products.

A next generation of MACtac MP238 adhesive, MACtac MP880 adhesive provides converters with performance features including:

• Open time
• Excellent clarity
• Non-water whitening
• High service range

“MACtac MP880 adhesive is designed to provide converters with the features and benefits they expect of an adhesive for a variety of surfaces,” said Kim Hensley, product manager for the MACtac Performance Adhesives Group. “This high-performing adhesive most notably offers excellent non-water whitening properties, which are ideal for beverage and bath products that need to maintain clarity even with extended exposure to water. This adhesive also provides extended open time for the clean removability of misapplied labels, allowing the container to be re-labeled, while still offering excellent tack for long-lasting shelf appeal.”

Available for use with clear and white squeezable films, as well as clear, white and chrome polypropylene products, MACtac MP880 was developed specifically for beverage and personal care labeling applications with films, such as Vivid Ice™ and Vivid Squeeze films for full-squeeze, semi-squeeze and rigid container labeling.

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