This company’s laboratory double planetary mixers (DPMs) are reportedly ideal for processing a range of applications, including viscous pastes, putty-like materials, ROSSpowder blends, and granulations. Two identical blades rotate on individual axes while revolving around the vessel on a common axis. The gentle but thorough agitation is effective for mixing shear-sensitive gels, fragile glass spheres, fiber-filled mixtures and abrasive compounds. This mixer is also used for vacuum drying and solvent recovery. 

Designed for R&D and pilot-scale production from 1/2 pint to 5 gal, laboratory DPMs are reportedly advantageous for products containing expensive raw materials or where only small quantities are batched due to limited demand or short pot life. Standard, heavy-duty, explosion-proof and sanitary models are available. Popular features and options include sight/charge ports, video camera, helical high-viscosity (HV) blades, heating/cooling jacket, sidewall thermowell, cove plug valve, built-in vacuum pump, discharge system, and touchscreen controls.

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