Sika recently announced its sales were at record levels in all regions for the fiscal fourth quarter and full-year 2014. In the fourth quarter, consolidated net sales rose by 5.1%, despite a very strong prior-year period (+17.8%). There was reportedly a considerable decrease in negative currency effects. On a currency-adjusted basis, sales were up 4.6%. Sales for the full-year 2014 rose by 13% to CHF 5.57 billion (~ $ 5.48 billion), thus reportedly exceeding growth targets. All regions contributed to this growth and set new sales records.

Sales in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region increased by 13.3% in the fiscal year. Visible growth drivers in the Middle East and Africa, and the moderate recovery seen in the southern European markets, had a positive impact on the region’s development. North America recorded a 7.9% increase in sales. Construction projects that had been shelved in recent years are reportedly now being implemented, and a greater number of investments are being made in infrastructure projects and commercial buildings. The Asia-Pacific region grew by 12.8%, achieving sales of over CHF 1 billion ($980 million) for the first time. The majority of countries achieved double-digit growth rates and increased their market share. At 15.9%, sales growth remained consistently high in Latin America in 2014. In a demanding business environment, Sika reportedly benefited from its strong market presence.

“We exceeded our growth targets not only in the last quarter of 2014, but also throughout the entire financial year,” said Jan Jenisch, CEO. “These record results were achieved thanks to our employees, who use their expertise and demonstrate huge commitment every day as they implement our growth model. Our Strategy 2018, under which we are accelerating the buildup in the emerging markets, investing in new factories and launching new products, is producing results that exceed our targets and expectations.”

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