This company has released a new line of FLEXmark® promotional advertising films. Available in clear and white opaque vinyl, the films use high-performance, solvent-based adhesives to meet a variety of graphic application needs. The line includes a permanent adhesive designed for long-term promotional and architectural graphics, as well as a removable adhesive that offers clean removability for up to 180 days.

FLEXmark vinyls are reportedly engineered for a multitude of applications, such as cooler graphics, counter graphics, displays, shelves, signage, and wall and window graphics. The new offering also adheres to a range of surfaces, including Formica®, ABS, acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, HDPE, painted metal, styrene, painted wood, smooth painted non-vinyl wallboard, and glass. The products are printable via UV and solvent screen, UV and solvent inkjet, and UV offset.

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