The new EF 60 V edge-filling and edge-sealing slot applicator can provide smooth, even panel edges to less expensive, larger-particle boards. The applicator NORDSON CORP. Applicator Systemsystem reportedly delivers a high-quality finished appearance, improved moisture protection and increased structural support. This allows furniture manufacturers to retain or improve product quality while reducing production costs.

For this two-applicator system, the first EF 60 contact slot applicator fills the voids in the panel edge with adhesive. A second EF 60 V applicator then applies an adhesive seal to the panel edge for a final smooth surface suitable for application of even the thinnest decorative paper or foils.

The applicator and spring-loaded bracketry can facilitate easy installation to new or existing panel processing machines. Setup and operation are simple, with easily adjustable coating width from 5 to 60 mm.

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