The electronics division of Henkel has announced the launch of a temperature-stable solder paste material, Loctite GC10. The material can be ordered from Ellsworth Adhesives Europe.

Reportedly the first material of its kind to have temperature stability, Loctite GC10 is temperature stable at 26.5°C for one year and stable at temperatures of up to 40°C for one month, reportedly enabling exceptional performance throughout the logistics and operations chain. The material also reportedly offers significant improvements over conventional solder paste materials. While the average abandon time of traditional materials ranges from 1 to 4 hours, the halogen-free, lead-free, temperature-stable formula of GC10 can enable an abandon time of up to 24 hours with no startup time required. Other key features include stablized and consistent print transfer efficiency, soak temperatures between 150°C and 200°C, and an expanded reflow window and increased activity for better results.

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