This company planned to exhibit several new and/or expanded polymer solutions at The International Plastics Exposition, which took place March 23-27 in in Orlando, Fla. BounCell-X™ Microcellular thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) foam contains highly elastic microcellular parts that can excel in energy absorption and cushioning applications. In addition to lightweight, superior long-term compression properties and a fast molding cycle, the material can reportedly provide a high-quality, thin skin layer that adds aesthetic values, as well as the typical advantages of TPU (e.g., outstanding abrasion and cut resistance).

Bio TPU™ is a new line of bio-based TPU made with renewable-sourced material. Bio TPU can reportedly provide the same performance and benefits as traditional petroleum-based TPU and can range in hardness from 82 Shore A to 55 Shore D.

A new, high-heat TPU, Estane TS92AP7 is not only formulated for superior abrasion and chemical resistance, but also features high heat resistance and low temperature flexibility.

Aliphatic TPUs are designed to combine durability and aesthetic properties in one single material. The product series can be used for light-colored or transparent applications that will be exposed to UV light, and where non-yellowing, durability, and weatherability performance are requirements.

Adhesive TPUs contain polymers that can be used in hot melts, solvent-based adhesives, adhesive films and hot-melt polyurethane reactives. The adhesives range offers new, soft TPU grades for hot-melt adhesives with hardness as low as 46 Shore A.

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