Research from 3M Display Materials and Systems Division recently identified consumer preferences for display quality in the emerging markets of Brazil and India. Battery life was identified as the most important feature when purchasing a smartphone without a budget in mind.

“By learning more about consumers’ electronic device feature preferences, as well as discovering their mobile device attitudes and buying behaviors, we have a better understanding of the tradeoffs consumers make under budget constraints,” said Tessa Riddle, Marketing manager. “3M creates display technology solutions that enable manufacturer design flexibility and provides quantifiable insights on global consumers to help brands maximize global expansion opportunities.”

Researchers sought to understand which smartphone and tablet attributes are most important to consumers when making purchasing decisions. The global smartphone market is estimated to reach 2.1 billion units shipped by 2019.

“The mobile consumer research results convey that consumers desire the performance benefits of 3M solutions such as enhanced brightness, power efficiency, thinness and durability of LCDs,” Riddle said.

The 3M Mobile Consumer Research was conducted with a combination of online and central location methodology of about 800 consumers in Brazil and India using Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Design. 3M customers identified emerging markets of interest in India and Brazil for 2014 primary market research.

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