Pilot Chemical Co. recently announced that Pam Butcher, president and COO, has informed the Board of Directors that she would like to begin to transition from her current role, reportedly to have more time to pursue other interests. 

“Although we regret losing someone with Pam's impressive management capabilities, we do respect Pam's request,” said Paul Morrisroe, chairman and CEO. “We acknowledge and greatly appreciate the strong leadership that Pam has contributed over the past six years, which has been a key to Pilot's success.

“Pam will continue to serve in her role of president and COO with full managerial responsibilities until a successor is named and the transition is complete,” he said. “I am very pleased that she has accepted an invitation to join Pilot Chemical's Board of Directors following the transition. Her 35 years of business and leadership experience at Dow Chemical and Pilot Chemical will provide Pilot with valuable understanding of our company and insights into the industries it serves.”

For more information, visit www.pilotchemical.com.