FLEXcon recently announced it participated in a signing ceremony at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, to mark FLEXcon’s manufacturing and marketing of Glenn’s patent-pending polyimide aerogels. The aerogels are used for aerospace applications such as insulation for cryotanks and spacesuits, as well as more down-to-Earth uses in construction, refrigeration, and pipe insulation.

The aerogel technology is also used as a layer of the high-pressure extravehicular activity gloves for a NASA Small Business Innovation Research contract. The goal is to develop advanced spacesuit gloves suitable for use in the Martian environment and other long duration missions.

“At FLEXcon, we are excited about the business opportunities the polyimide aerogel technology affords us,” said Neil McDonough, president and CEO. “As a supporter of U.S. manufacturing and innovation, FLEXcon is excited to be a manufacturing partner that can help NASA develop its ideas into commercial reality.”

For more information, visit www.flexcon.com.