This company will introduce a new and more versatile Dynamini™ adhesive supply unit (ASU) at Japan Pack 2015, taking place October 13-16 in Tokyo, Japan. The company will also present its full line of hot-melt application systems, including its patented Melt-On-Demand™ technology, and BF Microbead™ applicator. Designed to the highest industry standards of quality and performance, ITW Dynatec hot melt systems are reportedly simple to operate, highly customizable, and represent a “best-total-value” for packaging industry original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and brand owners.

ITW Dynatec’s latest-generation Dynamini hot melt ASU features a four-hose configuration, allowing more operational capabilities, making it suitable for larger-sized applications, as well as higher-volume multi-point applications. Built for flexibility, the new Dynamini can be configured with nickel or platinum (PT100) temperature sensors, and is designed to integrate with other industry standard components. It also features ITW Dynatec’s Melt-on-Demand technology.

“The demand for pre-packaged, ready-to-eat food products and beverages is growing in step with Japan’s dense, and aging population,” said Scott Holzwarth, global business unit manager for packaging. “Packaging suppliers who are well positioned to offer solutions and services that address these needs will find great opportunity. The features we recently added to our Dynamini unit, and other enhancements we’re making throughout our hot melt portfolio, are all aimed at helping packaging OEMs meet growing demand.”  

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