The latest model of this company’s Dynamelt S series adhesive supply unit (ASU) is now available.

The new ASU reportedly features single board control and is easy to operate, reducing the need for training to run the hot melt function in a production line.

“The name ‘Simplicity’ effectively sums up everything this new ASU represents,” said Brittany Ulrich, global marketing and North American distribution manager. “The system is simple to install, simple to operate, and simple to maintain; it truly embodies ‘simplicity’ in every conceivable way. In designing this new unit, we really wanted to deliver a solution that represents the very best of ITW Dynatec’s original Melt-On-Demand™ technology, and much more.”

The Simplicity ASU reportedly combines “turn it on and walk away” convenience with a competitive value, to make this unit a viable option for a broader range of packaging operations, from emerging entrepreneurs to established global organizations.

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