This company has teamed up with Sciemetric Instruments Inc. to create the Graco® dispense analyzer for use on its precision continuous flow (PCF) metering and dispense system for drivetrain gasketing applications. The analyzer is reportedly capable of detecting microbubbles within fluid sealants and of tracking and recording dispense information. In addition, it can be installed on many new or existing applications. The technology reportedly proves especially useful for verification of gasketing applications.

“The combination of Sciemetric’s dispense analysis technology and Graco’s highly precise metering and dispense systems provides a unique solution,” said Greg Len, vice president global sales and business development. “Graco customers will experience greater product performance and traceability while spending less on rework.”

Bubbles within fluid sealants can compromise the integrity of the resultant seal, leading to costly product failures. With the analyzer, users will reportedly be able to detect the presence of very small bubbles, often not detected with conventional machine vision techniques. In addition, users can detect and correct dispense errors immediately as they arise. The analyzer also reportedly tracks and records dispense information, giving users detailed information about sealant dispensing history.

The flexible analyzer has a high-resolution, full-color touch screen display that allows users to configure the device to monitor specific applications and to replay data from previous runs.

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