Graco Inc. has launched its Voltex™ dynamic mix valve. Designed for dispensing two-component foaming urethanes and silicones, the valve reportedly provides uniform and consistent blending of difficult-to-dispense materials for various applications. This valve is especially applicable to emerging applications in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, such as foam encapsulation.

"We are excited to launch the Voltex Dynamic Mix Valve because it is a capable and economical solution for many two-component dispensing applications," said Matt Bergman, global Sealant and Adhesive Equipment business manager for Graco's Applied Fluid Technologies Division. "The simple design, coupled with Graco's technical excellence and known quality, makes this valve a valuable addition to our meter, mix and dispense equipment lineup. With Graco's proven complete solution and key relationships with material suppliers, the valve is already an integral part of the dispensing process for several battery manufacturers."

Graco reports that the Voltex valve is built to handle foaming urethanes and silicones that are notoriously difficult to work with because of their fast reactivity and expanding nature. These challenges put increased importance on the dispensing process and equipment to prevent poorly mixed material and subsequent maintenance and downtime. The Voltex valve is built with durable seals and check valves, disposable mixing elements, a reliable servo-electric motor, and innovative error detection technology to combat these challenges.

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