Stora Enso recently announced the building of a demonstration and market development plant at Raceland, La. The new plant will reportedly become the Stora Enso Biomaterials divisions’ U.S. headquarters.

The plant uses technology developed by Virdia that can enable cellulosic biomass, such as wood or agricultural waste, to be converted into highly refined sugars. It is located in the vicinity of existing sugar cane plantations and will use bagasse waste as feedstock. Sugar cane bagasse is a sustainable, non-genetically modified feedstock that does not compete with food. Production is reportedly set to start in 2016.

“Stora Enso is very happy with the activities and working relationships at Raceland,” said Juan Carlos Bueno, executive vice president, biomaterials division. “By moving the headquarters to Louisiana, we are increasing our presence and helping further develop biomass based technology.” 

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