As a distributor of Dow Corning silicone products, Ellsworth Adhesives Europe recently announced that it is now taking orders for Dow Corning CI-2001, a white reflective coating from the manufacturer’s Lighting Solutions range.

The coating, a new product on the European market, has reportedly been designed for the LED manufacturing sector. CI-2001 differs from standard conformal coatings in that it is highly reflective, a property that can enhance light output and efficiency in lighting applications, such as light reflectors, mixing chambers, backlight units, light engine units, printed circuit boards and aluminum surfaces used in the assembly of LED lamps and luminaires.

In addition, the coating reportedly has adjustable viscosity. Using an o-zone-safe dilutent, CI-2001 end users can alter the product’s viscosity to suit the requirements of their coating method. The coating can adhere to most common electronic substrates, including aluminum, steel, polycarbonate and methacrylate.

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