Increasing demand for reducing weight, reduce emissions, and increasing efficiency reportedly has led to the incorporation of lightweight materials for fabricating components and to the increased usage of structural adhesives, according to a recent report by Markets and Markets. Structural adhesives offer several benefits to fabricators and builders, including improved product quality, improved production speed, and reduce costs. The demand for polyurethane adhesives is increasing due to the rising demand from structural bonding for bonding of plastics, sheet molding compounds, and for cryogenic applications. Methacrylate adhesives demand is driven by marine and transportation industries.

The global structural adhesives market is witnessing growth with rising demand from the Asia-Pacific region, especially from China and India. The major demand for structural adhesives is expected to come from transportation industry, especially from automotive, marine, aerospace, and bus and truck applications. Penetration of composites for fabrication of wind blades of longer blade length, wind towers and cover of gear boxes will increase the demand of structural adhesives in wind industry. The demand for structural adhesives is increasing due to rising demand for weight reduction, excellent mechanical performance, reducing manufacturing time and costs, and increasing penetration of composites.

Asia-Pacific accounts for the largest share of the total structural adhesive market, while European market is well established and in the maturity phase. The European structural adhesives market is estimated to witness a slower growth rate as compared to North America. The Asia-Pacific structural adhesives market is in a growth phase attributed to the booming aerospace, wind, automotive, and construction industries in China and India. In the rest of the world, the structural adhesive market is also estimated to enter into the growth phase as construction activities are increasing at a high rate due to global events, driving the structural adhesives market.

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