In today’s world of rapid innovation, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to gain a competitive edge. H.B. Fuller intends to put its latest acquisition to work to fast-track engineering adhesives innovation in markets such as automotive; electronics; solar; wind; maintenance, repair and operations (MRO); appliance; and heavy machinery.

Through its purchase of TONSAN Adhesive Inc., reportedly the largest independent engineering adhesives company in China, H.B. Fuller can offer more choice and value to customers looking for a high level of collaboration. The acquisition also introduces H.B. Fuller as a supplier in several markets and applications, providing manufacturers global access to new and expanded resources.

“Through this acquisition, we’re able to provide a powerful combination of global resources and advanced adhesive technologies that put innovation on a fast track to give manufacturers the edge they need to maintain a competitive advantage,” said Patrick Trippel, senior vice president of market development. “Both companies also have a culture of investing heavily in research and development and putting that to work in a highly responsive and collaborative way, working alongside customers.”



For automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the acquisition means having an alternative adhesive partner for powertrain applications. While H.B. Fuller has traditionally supplied the industry with structural bonding adhesives for exterior lighting and the Thermonex® family of products for interior applications, the TONSAN purchase gives the company expertise in the automotive powertrain engineering adhesives market in China.

As a multinational supplier, H.B. Fuller offers global access and global supply chain. The company is now exploring ways to help U.S.-based OEMs meet demands for rigorous quality standards, as well as rapidly addressing industry trends such as lightweighting, increasing fuel economy, reducing emissions and eliminating powertrain fluid leakage.



Having recently entered the electronics market, H.B. Fuller is expanding its ecosystem approach through the addition of HYSTIC, an electronics adhesives leader in China and Asia that was acquired as part of the TONSAN purchase. Similar to the automotive market, the acquisition gives design engineers and contract manufacturers an alternative adhesives provider.

As a multinational company with strong product and technology development capabilities and advanced manufacturing facilities, H.B. Fuller can engage design engineers where they work, as well as the operations teams locally wherever they manufacture. H.B. Fuller is focusing on sampling and qualifying materials to accommodate the emergence of wearables, enabling higher performing products and automating solutions to offset rising labor costs in China.



Through the acquisition, H.B. Fuller has entered the solar and photovoltaic (PV) market. TONSAN is reportedly the largest independent manufacturer of PV adhesives in China and a world leader in silicones for the PV industry; now, as part of H.B. Fuller, customers have access to a greater set of chemistries to help innovate faster and across broader application sets.

Under the H.B. Fuller brand, TONSAN’s popular silicone frame sealant, 1527, and junction box potting material, 1521, will still be available to customers. In addition, the companies intend to help solar manufacturers exploring a number of advanced technologies to address their toughest challenges using liquid sealants, tapes and adhesives dispensing equipment.


Other Applications

TONSAN gives H.B. Fuller an immediate presence in China in high-growth engineering adhesives segments such as heavy machinery, MRO, appliance and wind power industry. Paired with TONSAN’s intimate knowledge of these applications, H.B. Fuller’s globalized presence and research and development resources can yield enhanced adhesive solutions to help solve manufacturers’ tough challenges. 

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