This company has released a LED UV spot curing system. OmniCure® LX500 UV LED spot-curing system reportedly provides optical stability and improved power performance for more efficient curing. As the next-generation LED alternative to the company’s S2000 UV spot curing lamp system, LX500’s control and flexibility can make it easier for companies to transition from lamps to LEDs for their curing processes. The easy to program ystem is designed for use in medical devices such as catheters, cannulas, endoscopes and syringes; electronics such as OPU, smartphones and tablets; and general-purpose small component applications such as bonding and coatings.

The system comes in two- or four-head controller configurations. LED Max heads deliver peak irradiance of up to 14 w/cm2 (365nm) and16 w/cm2 (385nm) using a 3mm focusing lens at a 10mm working distance. Equipped with a 2.4cm full-color LCD, the LX500 can be controlled using a four-way keypad, a multi-purpose SD card, by a programmable logic controller (PLC), or via USB connected directly into a PC.

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