Electronic devices are everywhere nowadays,―from the touchscreen checkout monitors at the local library and grocery store to car dashboard navigation systems and communications―applications that we wouldn’t have dreamed could exist just a couple decades ago. Where would we be now without our smartphones to help navigate us to a new location or to call home to see if we need anything from the store?

Beginning on p. 18, “Transforming the World through Technology” explores the topic of electronics in everyday life. IHS Technology gathered leading experts representing the technology supply chain from electronic components to finished products across applications markets ranging from consumer, media, and telecom to industrial, medical, and power. These experts were asked to nominate and vote for their top 10 most impactful technologies over the next five years, which are presented in the article.

Heraeus recently developed an improved mass-manufacturing process for films used in touch panels and sensors for a variety of electronics devices. This process will reportedly enable companies to use certain films to produce touchscreens with greater functionality, including the ability to be flexible, curved, 3-D or wearable. Find out more on p. 21.

Our editorial coverage this month also includes converting and packaging. According to “Converted Flexible Packaging,” a recent study from The Freedonia Group Inc., demand for converted flexible packaging in the U.S. is projected to increase 3.3% annually to $20.7 billion in 2019. Turn to p. 26 for more.

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