Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ business relationship with global distributor Ellsworth Adhesives has reportedly grown to now include Moldman Systems LLC, which was acquired by Ellsworth Corp. in 2014.

“For years, the combination of Henkel’s TECHNOMELT® low pressure molding materials and Mold-Man® equipment has delivered a fast and effective alternative to conventional potting processes,” said Art Ackerman, global product manager circuit board protection. “Now backed by Ellsworth Adhesives’ expansive global network, electronics customers around the world will have greater access to this novel encapsulation solution.”

“Henkel consistently develops innovative electronic materials that address challenging market requirements and our enduring business relationship has been highly successful,” said Roger Lee, Ellsworth Adhesives vice president and general manager, North America, “By leveraging our global reach, which includes 38 Ellsworth Adhesives locations and an international team of more than 150, we are confident that we can deliver the advantages of low pressure molding and the TECHNOMELT-Mold-Man solution to even more customers globally.” 

For more information, visit www.henkel.com/electronics or www.moldmansystems.com