ALFA International Inc. recently announced it has entered into an agreement with The Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division Newport for the commercialization of NUWC XP-1, a high-performance polyurethane developed for protection of marine acoustic and optical equipment.

The two-part polyurethane exhibits hydrolytic stability and acoustic properties while also being optically clear. Unlike other encapsulates, NUWC XP-1 can reportedly be cured at room or elevated temperatures in less than 24 hours. ALFA International will manufacture and offer the product for sale to government and commercial customers.

“Navy chemists and material scientists first developed the polyurethane known as NUWC XP-1 in the 1990s,” said Capt. Howard Goldman, commander of the Navy facility. “NUWC Newport has continued investment to optimize the formulation for protection of equipment, such as sonar transducers, from damage caused by water seepage in the undersea environment. Most recently, NUWC Newport has successfully increased the adhesive bonding and clarity of the encapsulate.”

“NUWC XP-1 fits nicely into our existing portfolio of products for the electronics, aerospace and telecommunications industries,” said Rajab Aboubakr, president. “We look forward to working with the Navy and other customers in addressing needs for environmentally friendly protection of subsea equipment.”

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