This company now offers 14 light-curing products that can enable a durable, high optical quality of LED modules and light engines. Ten of the 14 products have received approval for direct LED contact, while the other four are certified for indirect contact.

Suitable for use in LEDs found in automotive, outdoor, residential, industrial and commercial lighting applications, adhesives in the DELO-PHOTOBOND, DELO-KATIOBOND and DELO-DUALBOND families reportedly demonstrate chemical tolerance in standard LED industry compatibility tests. During testing, modules with adhesive on top of the LED were supplied with 700 mA of electric current over a six-week period and heated up to 70°C. During this time, and in a subsequent intensity test, there was no decrease in brightness for the products that are suited for direct LED contact and a very slight decrease for those for indirect LED contact. The adhesives' low-outgassing and yellowing-resistant nature reportedly ensures long-term high optical quality of the LED module.

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