A new adhesive is available from the Vitralit® UV 4050s series: Vitralit UV 4050 MV. The UV adhesive reportedly features medium viscosity with 450 to 650 mPas and is suited for bonding plastics, especially for med-tech applications and medical device assembly. When cured, it shows flexibility and stability. This transparent adhesive reportedly has shrinkage of only 2%.

The adhesive can provide adhesion to most plastics like PVC, ABS, SAN and PC, as well as to stainless steel and glass. If at least one assembly material is transparent, it will cure quickly to produce a strong and reliable bond. UV blocked materials like polycarbonate can be cured because the adhesive has the ability to cure with visible light (>400nm).

The adhesive cures with UV-A and visible light, and both gas discharge lamps and LEDs are suitable to use for curing. Excellent curing results reportedly have been achieved with LED lights with a wavelength of 405 nm. Vitralit UV 4050 MV is currently being tested according to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993-4/-5 standards for use in medical applications.

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