SnapSil TN8000 is a new silicone adhesive available in the UK market. It is reportedly a very versatile, high-performance silicone adhesive sealant manufactured by Momentive Performance Materials in Japan. The one-component condensation-curing silicone rubber was developed for sealing. It has a thixotropic paste consistency and reportedly exhibits corrosion-free adhesion to many substrates such as metals (including copper), plastics, PPO/PPE, ceramics and glass without the use of primers.

Key features of the silicone adhesive reportedly include high strength and elongation, fast room-temperature cure and neutral alkoxy cure type, and excellent adhesion after extended aging. It is also stable in storage.

Potential applications include: Sealing and bonding for solar/PV module components; insulating adhesive sealing and fixing of electrical and electronic parts; waterproof sealant for electrical, electronic and communication equipment; and general adhesive for metals, glass, plastics, etc.

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