Ashland recently announced that its Pliogrip™ 5770 impact-resistant adhesive has been recommended by General Motors (GM) for use by auto-body professionals to repair impact-resistant joints in frame rail assemblies, strut tower assemblies, and other body structures that have critical strength requirements. It is reportedly one of only three adhesives on the GM recommended list provided to the auto repair industry.

Per GM’s guidelines, when an impact-resistant adhesive is removed or damaged, it must always be replaced with an impact-resistant adhesive. If another adhesive is substituted, the vehicle is not considered “returned to pre-accident condition,” which may compromise safety and drivability.

Pliogrip 5770 adhesive can be used to meet the repair standard. The adhesive can be used to bond replacement body panels such as strut towers, frame rails, rocker panels, and body side and rear end panels in place of, or in conjunction with, mechanical means of attachment such as screws or rivets.

“Ashland’s structural adhesives team is very skilled at helping our customers meet demanding performance standards,” said Tom Stewart, commercial director for structural assembly adhesives. “The challenge was in making a product that met all the OEM requirements and is easy for repair professionals to use in all kinds of work environments.”

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