I’ve just returned from the Spring Adhesive and Sealant Council Spring Convention and Expo, and noticed something that I don’t remember seeing as often at past industry events I’ve attended. While observing delegates rubbing elbows during the various networking opportunities, most of the people gathered seemed to be smiling. In fact, a loud burst of laughter quite frequently filled the lounge area outside of the conference rooms. Was it a fluke, or perhaps business is improving to the point that people were simply happier about their jobs and the industry as a whole? Or maybe it was simply the spirit of the host city of New Orleans carrying over into the overall mood of the convention.

Whatever it was, it made for a pleasant event. After all, wouldn’t you rather deal with a happy person than someone who is obviously, well, not? It’s something we don’t seem to see as much these days, and can have a profound effect on others. No matter your job, a smile can go a long way toward making doing business more of a pleasure. It’s also something we all could use a reminder about.

The pressure-sensitive tapes industry has reason to smile. According to a recent market report, the U.S. demand for pressure-sensitive tapes is projected to increase 5.3% yearly to $9.3 billion in 2019. Growth will reportedly reflect continued economic expansion and the further development of innovative applications for specialty tapes, which tend to be higher performing, value-added products. Read more here.

And speaking of tapes, I’ll be attending this month’s Pressure Sensitive Tape Council meeting. If you’ll be there, please stop by the ASI booth to say hello.

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