This company recently announced an agreement to supply Canadian based M.G. Chemicals’ high-performance range of adhesives, sealants, coatings and cleaners to the UK’s electronics manufacturing sector.

“Techsil has an enviable reputation for providing excellent customer service and part of this is being able to listen to our customers’ needs and respond accordingly,” said Chris Dilley, sales director. “A large proportion of our customers are in the electronics sector and to improve our service to this market we felt we needed to expand our offering of electronics adhesives and sealants and also ancillary products such as cleaners and solders. MG Chemicals’ products are high quality and high performance and are tried and tested in North America; early indications show that these products will be well received in the UK.”

“Techsil will be a key distribution partner for us in the UK,” said Ritch Mackie, global distribution manager. “It is clear that Techsil brings a wealth of industry experience. Their commitment to quality, great service and a strong on-line presence will provide the necessary support to lead this new partnership to success.”

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