Signet Enterprises recently announced the commencement of operations for Creative Polymer Solutions (CPS) in Irondale, Ala. The new company, reportedly an innovator in the field of polymer technology for protective and structural coatings for municipal, industrial and commercial sectors, will co-locate in a state-of-the-art polymer blending facility with another Signet portfolio company, Sprayroq Inc. 

CPS will specialize in the development and blending of polyurethane and polyurea products intended for corrosion prevention and the rehabilitation of heavily corroded surfaces, predominantly concrete and various metals. The company will supply protective coatings used in a variety of municipal and industrial applications.

“We are extremely excited about the formation of CPS, and its ability to support Sprayroq and other independent coating firms and manufacturing facilities located throughout the southeast,” said Anthony Manna, Signet founder and chairman. “One of Signet’s principal business philosophies is to promote creativity within each portfolio company, and to encourage a total solution approach to customer satisfaction. It’s well known that the economy suffers from the effects of infrastructure corrosion, so we anticipate that with the advent of CPS, we will be able to increase our reach in becoming part of the total solution to that significant problem.”

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