Firestone Polymers recently announced that Bob Handlos, president and CEO, plans to retire at the end of 2016. In addition, Gene Lavengco, current executive director of manufacturing, has been named president and CEO, effective this month. 

Lavengco has worked within the company for 36 years in a number of positions, including plant engineer, project manager, maintenance manager, plant manager, and executive director of manufacturing. In his new role, Lavengco reportedly will be responsible for continuing the transformation of Firestone Polymers into a leader in high-tech polymer manufacturing for Bridgestone on a global basis.

“We express our sincere appreciation to Handlos for his 32 years of service to Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations and FSPC. We wish him and his family a prosperous future,” said Yuji Mochizuki, vice president and officer internal manufacturing management at Bridgestone Corp. “Lavengco has the experience and expertise to successfully move the business forward. I’m confident that he will accomplish the transformation and make FSPC a true leader in the high-tech polymer industry.”

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