Two new coating additives are available from this company. TEGO® Flow 375 and 460 N are silicone-free flow and leveling additives specifically developed for use in can and coil coatings. Both products reportedly are suitable for direct contact with food (FDA 175.300). Instead of using many different products, manufacturers can use the same additive for more diverse end-uses.   

“Both products are silicone-free,” said Kirstin Schulz, marketing director for industrial coatings. “Impurities and associated cratering can therefore be excluded, thus ensuring smooth-running production.”

In addition, the flow and leveling additives reportedly exhibit improved heat resistance and give the coating a durable, high-quality appearance. Flow 375 can be used in solvent-based formulations and achieves high gloss values, while 460 N has deaerating characteristics, thus enabling defect-free application especially in pigmented formulations.   

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