Toyo Ink America’s pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) division was the recipient of the Toyo Ink Group’s Presidential Award for 2016. The award is reportedly open to all of the company’s divisions that demonstrate excellent performance, unique ideas, creativity, and future possibilities as they pertain to growth in market share can apply. The award was presented by Katsumi Kitagawa, president, representative director, and CEO.

“This award is only given, annually, to one team within the entire Global Toyo Group,” said Joe Sentendrey, general manager of the PSA division. “It is a wonderful accomplishment for the PSA Division. The PSA Team has been working hard to achieve their goals and plan on continuing their outstanding efforts into the future.”

“This award is a wonderful achievement for our group,” said Jeff Okaichi, CEO of Toyo Ink Americas. “We are deeply honored to receive this award in recognition for all of the excellent efforts of our PSA team. Our goal is to continue our excellent growth in the PSA Division.”

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