The Epoxy Interest Group (EIG) of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) recently announced John L. Simmet as the recipient of the Epoxy Industry Service Award. During his career, Simmet reportedly helped establish two epoxy coating and fabrication plants, one in Minnesota and one in Ohio, including the first multi-rebar coating plant in the world. Simmet also was part of a group that started the Fusion Bonded Coaters Association (FBCA) in 1982, and later merged FBCA with the CRSI in 1985. In 2008, the coaters formed the EIG within CRSI.

In addition, Simmet was reportedly instrumental in the establishment of CRSI’s epoxy coating plant certification program. These certification programs improved the quality of epoxy-coated reinforcement.

Simmet passed away in April of 1996. However, many members of his family are involved in the ongoing operation of the two plants he started. He mentored them, in addition to many others in the industry, with a strong commitment to product quality. Members of his family currently involved with the business include his sons John P. Simmet and Robert Simmet, and his grandsons Adam Simmet, Paul Simmet, and Noah Simmet.

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