TEGO® Glide A 116 is reportedly an effective slip additive for use in solvent-based printing applications. Because it is easy to process and is compatible with other materials—particularly when used in overprint varnishes—the additive can yield high print quality while meeting all legal requirements.  

Its compatibility in color printing systems is reportedly unique in the market. Tego works well in combination with waxes and matting agents, where it lends a finish to the product. It can also eliminate sensitivity to scratching and keeps surfaces from sticking together, particularly during the production process.  

“When designed well, food packaging helps with product placement, provides the customer with information, and, most importantly, protects food,” said Anna-Maria Ickert, director of global marketing for inks and new applications. “TEGO Glide A 116 yields ideal printing results in an exceptionally wide variety of applications, such as beverage containers, plastic packaging for ice-cream and chocolate, and in labels or films for printing on surfaces.

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