A new control system is available from this company. Every control system reportedly is designed to guarantee efficacy no matter the application. Shown is a NEMA 12 control panel, which operates a Ross V-Cone tumble blender. Two variable frequency drives (VFD’s) are internally mounted for controlling the tumbling vessel and intensifier bar. Main disconnect with lockout provision, color touch screen display with viewing and control functions, individual Start/Stop/Speed and Jog controls, cycle timer, system E-stop pushbutton and safety gate switch circuit are all supplied.

Ross SysCon supplies state-of-the-art equipment, such as the color touch screen or Human Machine Interface (HMI) employed in this particular control panel. The HMI is used as a regulatory tool. It can reportedly communicate with the VFD’s for start/stop/speed control, as well as monitor the output frequency and motor current. It also uses a cycle timer function that stops both motors when time elapses to zero. The blender motor has a brake system to reportedly stop the rotation within seconds.

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