The ChemQuest Group Inc. recently announced the addition of Michael A. Lucarelli, Ph.D., as director. Lucarelli reportedly has over 30 years of experience in organometallic, organic, inorganic, polymer and specialty chemicals. Most recently, he served for seven years as vice president of product development and commercialization for Novinda Corp., a startup producer of a mineral-based sorbent. He also previously worked as Wacker Chemical’s director of technology.

Lucarelli has 63 patents and applications and has authoring and co-authoring several technical papers.

“We are excited to welcome Dr. Michael Lucarelli to our practice,” said Dan Murad, president and CEO. “We feel confident that Mike’s ‘customer-centric’ approach to R&D, product development, commercialization and cross functionalization of businesses―combined with his extensive background in business strategy, technical marketing, manufacturing, innovation and team building skills–will nicely complement the ChemQuest Technology Institute’s technical team.”

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