The VersaMix multi-shaft mixer can be used for mixing pastes, creams and gel-type products, with the capabilities of powder dispersion, emulsification, dissolution, deagglomeration, homogenization, heating/cooling and deaeration. All these functions are achieved in a closed system, without the need for any transfer steps.

Shown is a 10-gal model VMC-10 rated for 29.5”Hg vacuum up to 15 psi internal pressure. Its three-wing anchor (3HP), high-speed disperser (3HP) and high shear rotor/stator (3HP) reportedly operate independently at different speed ranges to deliver uniformity in low- to high-viscosity conditions up to several hundred thousand centipoise.

All product contact surfaces are stainless steel type 316L polished to 180 grit finish; elastomers are EPDM and Chemraz (many other options are available to ensure product and process compatibility).

The mixer cover includes multiple ports for charging raw materials and installation of a vacuum/pressure transmitter, thermoprobe and tank light. It mates with a jacketed cone-bottom vessel that is designed for 100% discharge through a flush diaphragm valve and easy portability. A 23” clearance from the valve outlet to the floor reportedly allows operators to position a bucket under the vessel to catch finished product after the mixing cycle.

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