This company has unveiled improvements to the dual-post hydraulic lift and seal design of its 1,500-gal multi-shaft mixer (model PVM-1500). The new lifting design is a double-acting, fully hydraulic cylinder operating at a higher pressure, reportedly allowing for a smaller cylinder and significantly less oil for operation.  The new seal arrangement also allows seal replacement without removing agitator shafts.

“The net result is a lifting system that operates at lower cost, requires less maintenance for the end user, and provides faster lifting speed when raising and lowering the agitators,” said David Hathaway, vice president Ross Engineering.

The pictured PVM-1500 features three independently driven agitators: a screw auger, a high-speed disperser and a three-wing anchor agitator. The sides and bottom of the changeable mixing vessel are insulated and jacketed for up to 50 psig. This vacuum-rated machine is designed to run 24/7, supplied with rugged touchscreen controls showing digital readouts for speed, cycle time, vacuum level and batch temperature.

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