This company has introduced a new adhesive for optoelectronic applications. DELO DUALBOND OB786 can be used for fixing components within seconds, while ensuring precision and high strength.

This milky epoxy resin, with medium viscosity, can be used for fixing and bonding optoelectronic components. It reportedly ensures  good adhesion to common substrates like aluminum, FR4, PPS and LCP.

After an irradiation time of less than one second, the build-up of adhesion begins to set. After five seconds, the compression shear strength on glass can reach 18 MPa.

Reportedly, DELO DUALBOND OB786 cures under UV light at a wavelength of 365 nm in layers of up to 1.5 mm thickness. For areas that cannot be reached by the light because of the component’s design, like shadowed areas, and those areas that require a thicker adhesive layer, this dual-curing adhesive is exposed to heat in a convection oven for approximately 50 min. at 80°C to reach full strength.

This new adhesive features reduced outgassing and shrinkage, which can be used for optical precision. Its low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), matching both electronic components and PCBs, reportedly ensures a high optical quality, even in environments with temperatures that fluctuate.

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