Reportedly allowing a full range of customizations, Ross ribbon blenders offer practical solutions for specialty and demanding applications. These blenders are widely used for mixing powders, granules and other dry solids, as well as wet applications such as suspensions, slurries, and pastes. Provisions for vacuum and internal pressure; temperature control; sanitary construction; special requirements for charging and discharging; handling of high-density, friable or abrasive materials; spray system for liquid additions; load cells; and automated recipe controls are some of the optional features routinely offered.

Pictured is a Ross model 42N-36S sanitary ribbon blender with a 36-cu-ft maximum working capacity. Driven by a 25-HP inverter-duty gearmotor, the precisely fabricated double-ribbon agitator turns to up to 40 rpm within the U-shaped trough, producing a balanced lateral and radial movement of batch materials.

Wetted parts are stainless steel 316 polished to 150-grit for ease of cleaning. The blender cover includes safety grating and a custom bag dump station. A 150-psig ASME code-stamped dimpled stainless steel jacket is supplied around the trough for heating/cooling. Multiple spray bars and nozzles deliver liquid raw materials and CIP solution. A NEMA 4X operator control panel is pre-wired to the blender and factory tested.

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