This company offers a new SolderPlus® dispensing paste formula to improve bond reliability in radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, dual interface (DI) smart cards, and biometric passports. These applications require attaching an antenna electrically connected to a chip.

The process of applying the solder paste is reported to be faster and easier because there is no curing time required. Also, solder paste can be stored at a higher temperature, requiring less time to thaw.

A bending test is often used to determine the lifetime of an RFID card. It simulates what can happen when a card is bent in a wallet to determine at what point electrical disconnection happens.

“The test indicates a SolderPlus bond lasts for more than 20,000 cycles of use,” said Philippe Mysson, business development manager, solder paste. “That is equivalent to about 10 years in a wallet. Silver filled epoxy bonds last roughly 1,000 cycles or six months.”

In addition, the chemistry of solder paste may make it safer to use when compared to the chemistry of silver filled epoxy, which contains toxic materials. Solder paste is also a less expensive alternative because it does not contain silver.

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