X21Med is a single-component elastomeric compound that passes ISO 10993-5 tests for cytotoxicity.  This product is easy to use, either as an adhesive or a primer. It reportedly has a viscosity of less than 250 cps and cures at ambient temperatures or more rapidly with heat. As a primer, it is applied in a thin layer to the surface and the solvent is allowed to evaporate. When used as an adhesive, X21Med should be applied to both substrates and then mated. The maximum area of bonding effectiveness is about 1 sq-in. Once cured, this clear to light amber colored product is tough and not rigid. It is an electrical insulator and has a volume resistivity exceeding 1,014 ohm-cm. X21Med is reportedly serviceable from -60°F to +200°F [-51°C to +93°C].

“This specialty system was designed to be used as a primer that would promote adhesion between polyolefins and other surfaces such as metals, ceramics, composites and other kinds of plastics. Surfaces primed with X21Med are compatible with a wide variety of adhesives,” said Venkat Nandivada, manager of technical support. “It can also be used to bond two polyolefin materials.”

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