FEICA recently announced the launch of the Award for Innovative Adhesion Science at its yearly European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and Expo, which took place September 13-15 in Sardinia, Italy. The joint EURADH and FEICA award reportedly aims to stimulate the interactions between industrial and scientific activities.

Applications are invited from young researchers working in adhesion science in Europe who have published outstanding work.

“We are very proud to support the adhesives and sealants industry in every way and are especially keen to stimulate future innovations in our sector,” said Philip Bruce, FEICA’s secretary general. “The adhesive and sealant industry’s products make everyday products thinner, stronger, safer, smaller, faster, lighter, smarter and thus more sustainable. Supporting this award is another opportunity for FEICA to foster ties between industrial and scientific activities and to raise awareness of the outstanding contribution our sector’s innovators make towards a circular economy.”

The award, funded by FEICA, will be presented at the EURADH biannual conferences.

For more information, visit www.feica.eu or www.adhesionaward.org.