Question: I am an avid user of epoxy sticks, and I have always wondered whether silicone adhesives and sealants in a similar form are available that can be mixed and molded by hand. This could be a very useful product for small caulking applications and repairs.

Answer: I am not aware of such a product being available. The epoxy sticks comprise a cylindrical product that has a hardener on the inside and epoxy resin on the outside. They are manufactured by a co-extrusion process. Because of the very high viscosity of the components, which are soft solids, they either don’t react together or they form a thin solid film, which acts as a barrier to further reaction until they are mixed together by hand.

Thick silicone putties are readily available as two-component systems and are often used for making molds for modeling. A European company markets a single-component moldable silicone. This is a thickened moisture-curable product that is supplied in a moisture-impermeable package and cures fully in about 24 hrs.

I am not aware if any company has marketed a silicone in the epoxy stick form and whether it is compatible with the chemistry, but would be interested to hear of such a product. Some readers may be aware of the history of epoxy sticks, which were originally supplied as “epoxy ribbons” in which the two components were extruded side by side with minimum contact between the two. It may be that this format is compatible with silicone chemistry.  ASI

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