This company’s double planetary mixer is suitable for single-pot mixing and deaeration of viscous formulations such as thick pastes, putties, gels, and other semi-solid products. Equipped with high-viscosity (HV) blades, the mixer can process highly filled and high density applications up to 6 million cp in viscosity.

Pictured is a model DPM-200 with a working capacity of 50 to 200 gal. This heavy-duty mixer features a specially fabricated high-precision gearbox enabling quiet operation, as well as reduced wear and tear. For easy cleanup, the stainless-steel wetted surfaces are 150-grit finish and electropolished. The mixer has no packing glands or bearings submerged in the product zone. To further minimize contamination and cleaning, a dust shield prevents product dust and splash from getting into the gearbox.

Driven by a 75-HP explosion-proof inverter-duty motor, the planetary HV blades orbit the vessel at 7-30 rpm while rotating on their own axis between 10 and 40 rpm. A detachable sidewall scraper arm is supplied for sticky applications. A dual-post hydraulic lift with safety locking mechanism raises and lowers the agitators from/to the mixing position. The mixer’s change can design allows the use of multiple vessels: two 200 gal mix cans supplied with the DPM-200 include a 50-psig dual-zone spiral baffled jacket, glass wool insulation, stainless steel sheathing, RTD thermocouple, caster wheels and tow hitch.

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