Pilot Chemical Co. recently announced it is investing $5 million this year in technology and innovation. A majority of the investment will create and support a state-of-the-art Innovation Center, as well as expand the company’s existing technological resources.

Patrick McCarthy, president of recently acquired Pilot Polymer Technologies Inc. (formerly ATRP Solutions Inc.), will oversee all technology and innovation initiatives in his new, additional role as vice president of technology and innovation.

“It is a fantastic time to work in chemical manufacturing,” said McCarthy. “And innovation is once again invigorating the industry. This considerable investment proves that Pilot is a leader in that movement.”

The Innovation Center will reportedly be an expansion of the Pilot Polymer Technologies laboratory facility in Pittsburgh, Pa., and will double the size of the current facility. It’s focus will be on addressing customer needs and the development of new products. Pilot Chemical plans to add nine new roles to staff the facility, which it intends to be operational by June.

“This is an opportunity to reinforce our legacy and build on our success,” said Pamela Butcher, CEO and president. “Pilot began through innovation with ice-cold sulfonation, and we continue to challenge ourselves by thoroughly focusing on the future and the changing needs of the marketplace.”

For more information, visit www.pilotpolymertech.com.