This company recently added Crestabond® M1-10 to its line of structural adhesives. M1-10 has a working time of 8-12 min. and a fixture time of 16-23 min. In addition, it reportedly has excellent fatigue and impact resistance, good gap filling capability and requires minimal surface preparation prior to bonding. As with the rest of the Crestabond range, M1-10 is suitable for bonding a variety of substrates including: grp, stainless steel, aluminum, abs, acrylic and polycarbonate. The adhesive is black in color.

“We are continuing to strategically focus on growing our adhesives business globally for the long term,” said Jon Stowell, global adhesives director. “This latest addition to our Crestabond range allows us to offer further bonding solutions to our global customer base, therefore increasing their options when selecting the most efficient bonding solution for their production process.”

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