FEICA recently announced it has published an updated version of its use map packages. It has also updated individual building elements, i.e., exposure assessment inputs for workers (SWEDs), consumers (SCEDs), and environmental releases (SPERCs).

The FEICA use map reportedly provides a standardized overview of the most common adhesive and sealant uses (~ 80% of the typical applications). The information on the uses is supported via the use description system (as outlined in ECHA’s guidance R12) and standard phrases from Cefic’s ESCom catalogue. 

In addition, to facilitate the transfer of information on these adhesive and sealant uses and conditions of use to registrants, this updated FEICA use map package is also available in CHESAR XML exchange format. Registrants can now download this CHESAR file directly from the ECHA and FEICA websites. 

For more information, visit www.feica.eu.